HTMLhouse helps you publish HTML quickly. Use the editor / preview to build your HTML page and press publish when you're done. That's it!

HTMLhouse was built by the team at


To share a page once you've published, simply send the URL of the page to whomever you'd like (it'll look like through email, social media, or in real life.

To share with everyone on HTMLhouse, simply check the public box before pressing publish. Your page will be added to the browse page and tweeted by @HTMLhouse. It'll also be available on our Android app.

Note: the browse page is actively moderated, and your page will be removed from the public view if it is abusive or doesn't contribute.


Purpose. To provide a simple HTML testing ground with no cruft or fuss.

Editing. Pages can be edited again from the same computer / browser they were created on. If you clear your browser data (specifically local storage) you will lose this ability.

Limitations. There is currently no way to delete pages.

Chrome. Get quick access to HTMLhouse with the Chrome app.

Twitter. We announce updates and published pages on @HTMLhouse.

Feedback. We'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions. Feel free to get in touch anytime.


HTMLhouse was built in Go. View source on GitHub.

Hosted by Digital Ocean.


Editor. ACE editor.

Privacy Policy

On HTMLhouse we don't know who you are, nor do we make any effort to. You couldn't give us your personal information even if you wanted to! Build cool stuff and enjoy.