By Dee Jayne Walker

Whispered thoughts of the ages
Drifting on the winds of time
Carrying memories and legends
myths and dreams of mankind.
Stories written, stories told,
Truth hidden in plain sjght
Stores new, and stories old
Truth in darkness and in light.
Tangled up with falsehoods,
Cast down with deceitfull lies.
Fictions told to take control
Demand, tribute in naive lives.
Priests and popes, Vicars and bishops,
Mullahs, ayatollahs Caliphs and imams,
Claiming love hope peace and compassion,
Preaching hate to those they think do sin.
Well a plague upon your houses,
What good have gods ever done,
Behind each and every Saint we find
poor devils advocates, jobs undone.
Your fairy tale gods they do behave
like spoilt brash and petulant children
Or spiteful grotesque Orwelllan fathers,
With threats of ever lasting pain,
And for what,
Because reason would not be a slave?
Because of love you do not understand?
Because women would have equality?
Because a slave would shun the brand.
So keep your promised imortality
I thought greed be a mortal sin,
think hard about, what you wish for,
You may win a thousand eons.
Put your books of stories
back upon the shelf
Next to Zeus and Thor and Tolkein,
Take responsibility for your self.
There is just a man behind a curtain,
Pulling levers to make you dance
there is no great cosmic consciousness


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