Brittany G Petros
09 September 1974 00:00 (GMT-5)
Robbinsdale, Minnesota, USA (45°01'56"N 93°20'18"W)
Julian date 2442299.7083333
Sidereal time 21:58:05
Sun16 Vir 9I25 Gem 34
Moon12 Gem 28II14 Can 43
Mercury 4 Lib 40III 4 Leo 1
Venus 0 Vir 57IV27 Leo 19
Mars27 Vir 41V29 Vir 24
Jupiter12 Psc 26VI12 Sco 53
Saturn16 Can 30VII25 Sgr 34
Uranus25 Lib 37VIII14 Cap 43
Neptune 6 Sgr 58IX 4 Aqr 1
Pluto 5 Lib 54X27 Aqr 19
XI29 Psc 24
XII12 Tau 53


Gemini Ascendant
Geminis are original and creative thinkers and tend to dominate their circles intellectually. They also have the power to visualize their ideas and express them scientifically. Since they tend to identify themselves with their ideas, their most dynamic form of expression is intellectual.
Mercury is Ruler of the Ascendant
Yours is a reflective mind, a mirror for others. You are equality-minded and easy to talk with -- a great mediator or negotiator. You find it easy to accept the ideas and thoughts of others and to hear them out. You are good at relations (politics, diplomacy, sales), not to mention considerate, helpful, and courteous. Calm.
Mercury in 5th House
You can express feelings and put emotions into words. This could give you a flair for the dramatic, public speaking, poetry, and the arts. You are proud of your mind and enjoy using it, solving puzzles -- any creative mental outlet.
Moon Trine Mercury
Your ideas and images about the traditional (history in general) and the environment around you make it easy for you to work with and teach others. You understand and perform well with younger people and know what it takes to create a supportive environment. You handle words and tell stories with consummate skill, and others love to hear you speak or entertain. You have a touch of the Blarney Stone about you.

Moon Square Jupiter
The path or career that you take may go against tradition and thus sometimes be a lonely one. Don't expect much support from those around you. There is also some danger you could overextend, making decisions that go against your own better feelings and instincts. Career choices could be at the expense of home and surroundings. Your approach to solving problems may get you in hot water with others, resulting in frequent debates, if not out-and-out arguments.

Moon Opposition Neptune
The image you project of what is perfect or ideal from your point of view may find little support at home. Others could oppose or block you in these matters, and maintaining your dreams may be at the price of your friends and surroundings. You may find your background, environment, and all that is traditional less than ideal, even flat and uninspiring.

Moon Trine Pluto
You have natural psychological ability, in particular when working with the public. You can handle emotional and personal issues (vulnerable areas) where angels fear to tread. People sense this about you and trust you with sensitive matters, inner worries, and questions of personal identity. You have a real mission and a sense of purpose.

Sun Square Moon
There is a lack of harmony between your environment and your ambitions. What you need most is not always at hand to make the kind of progress you envision. Or, when the support is there, you can't get the instruction or direction you require. You may have forgotten where it was you wanted to get to, sort of "all dressed up, but which way to go?" It could be historical, too, as simple as being torn between your mother and your father -- a struggle between that which seeks to nurture you (and perhaps baby you) and your ambitions -- a need to succeed and be all that you can be.

Sun Opposition Jupiter
You may end up making a living at something not entirely in your best interests. There is a tendency to get carried away when it comes to vocational choices, and you could find yourself pursuing possibilities that lead nowhere. This going against yourself, so to speak, may also bring you in opposition to those in authority. You may have to examine carefully any career choices you make.

Sun Sextile Saturn
There is a real love of science and natural laws. You are a hard and tireless worker, with absolute determination and the ability to accomplish great projects with ease. You are fiercely loyal to your friends. Also, very integral... perhaps too sober.

Mercury Sextile Neptune
Great psychological talent. Able to sense and feel in the more abstract mental areas and to bring far-out ideas down to earth. Always at the leading edge of social understanding. Great sense of compassion and a real understanding of others.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto
Anyone who tries to get you to play with words is in for a big surprise. Your mind cuts right through all the window dressing and gets right down to the quick. Before anyone knows it, you have the heart of the matter out front for everyone to see. You would make a great investigator, either in scientific research or undercover work. It makes no difference. Your ability to get to the point is all but phenomenal. You can talk and put into words areas of the psychological that others wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.

Jupiter Trine Saturn
You are a natural architect and builder, able to use your mind to make decisions in matters of form and function. For you, the goal and the way to get to it are the same thing. You like to build each step and have each decision be an end in itself. Things must be done right. You also have great skill with the law, whether man-made or those of nature, and you can put all of this into words. You could well teach others in these areas. You understand how to handle authorities and have a natural gift at solving problems.

Neptune Sextile Pluto
A searing vision that cuts through what passes for conventional religion. A vision of the endless process of life ever being born afresh. Great acceptance and faith in the natural process and next generation. Love of children and animals.
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